THE STATE OF THE SYSTEM: A Reality Check on Canada’s Schools

Order from McGill- Queen’s University Press, September 2020


A provocative and revealing analysis of Kindergarten to Grade 12 education that will serve as a catalyst for lively public policy debate and discussion.

Tackling the thorny issues besetting contemporary Canadian provincial school systems, The State of the System issues a clarion call for more responsive, engaged and accountable public schools.


Paul W. Bennett, Ed.D., is Director of Schoolhouse Institute, Halifax, NS, and national coordinator of researchED Canada. His Blog, Educhatter, was recognized in 2018 as Canada’s Top Education Blog. He’s the author of ten books, including Vanishing Schools, Threatened Communities (2011).

Launched in Montreal in November 2020, followed by a Series of Zoom Presentations and Public Talks in 2020-21. Order your copy of THE STATE OF THE SYSTEM from McGill-Queen’s University Press or your local bookstore.


The State of the System is a powerful opus testifying to a career packed with insight into the system garnered first as an educator and trustee, and then as a reformer in the trenches – Doretta Wilson, former Executive Director, SQE Canada

‘Paul Bennett does something in education that is rare and spectacular: he tells the truth, and does so with a lifetime’s experience in the sector and a rational, informed perspective. This book is a wake-up call to anyone who cares about the wellbeing, safety and sound education of children in Canada. Put this man in charge of education, please.’’ – Tom Bennett, founder, researchED, London, UK

“Designed to appeal like Jello, but actually made of concrete, the school system exists primarily to serve its architects rather than its students, teachers and parents. This book should be read by everyone with any stake or interest in education in Canada, which is really to say every Canadian.” – Clive Packer, satellite communications engineer and engaged parent, Ottawa, Ontario

The State of the System is an impressive piece of scholarship which very effectively connects the dots as to how the system evolved to where we are today. For anyone seeking to understand the system in Canada, this is a must read.” – Dr. James R (Jim) Christopher, School Head and former Executive Director, Canadian Association of Independent Schools, North Vancouver, BC.

“In his provocative and engaging style, Paul Bennett traces the origins and development of the many pressures on today’s school systems across Canada. With forthrightness, clarity, and evidence, he challenges many deeply embedded conditions in schools, and offers critiques of educational philosophies and practices underlying matters such as school busing, inclusion, child-centred classrooms, teaching of literacy and numeracy, school choice, and student assessment.” –  Ken Brien, Ed.D., Associate Professor, Educational Administration and Leadership, University of New Brunswick

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The State of the System: A Reality Check on Canada’s Schools

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